Hi, thank you for visiting my website!  My name is Ariel Inbar and I craft stories in jewelry.


Let me share with you why a significant personal moment I've experienced while listening to a lecture, makes the jewelry you're interested in - different and unique.

During that lecture, whose topic was 'The History of Christian Art', the term 'Crux Gemmata' came up , a term of which my workshop's name is based on.

It was a gold made cross shaped statue (Crux means Cross in Latin; Cruz, in modern Latin-based languages), inlayed with gems (gemmata), that was sent to Jerusalem in the 5th century AD by the emperor Theodosius 2nd for political and religious purposes. The local Bishop who received the statue was asked to place it on Golgotha (Skull Hill), and Christian pilgrims arriving to the Holy Sepulcher at those times were impressed by it and documented it through words and illustrations in their journey's diaries.

As a professional tour guide in the land of Israel and a 'Department of General History' student at the time, I had already studied about this famous statue from the historical angle. Therefore I knew the background story, the reasons for and the meaning of - placing it in the holy site. In my personal view - an unusual encounter between history, faith and art was made through it, topics I connect with a lot.

Out of love for the arts I also started making jewelry as mobile art at the same time, and was looking for my own line. It took me quite a while till that moment - when historical 'Crux Gemmata' was mentioned in an art class. All of a sudden I've found what I was looking for! A combination between a jewel and a story, with the latter leading the design. The piece of jewelry you'll wear will be different than other designs for the story it tells, and its meaning will be added by you.  

When people become interested in your unique piece, you could help them identify the story it holds or tell them about its source of inspiration. You could also share its value in your own view, and by doing so - share something important about yourself.

The designs are based on biblical stories and historical events, on ancient mosaic floors' patterns or on other kinds of decorations; on things that connect history, faith, art, and you.

While traveling during the years to holy sites, archaeological excavations, churches, museums and landscapes, I'm inspired.

I believe that while creating these hand-made pieces, this inspiration is absorbed in them.


Nowadays I live in the city of Modiin, Israel, with my wife and two kids, and keep touring, studying, teaching and crafting, so you'll always have the opportunity to wear a new, special and different design that might become an opening for another heart-to-heart conversation.

Thank you again for reading this far. Now you just have to find which one inspires you the most!

I hope you'll enjoy the jewelry!